Karen Whaley


S.T. says:
Thank you for providing such a clear & concise description of my Uncle…...Great reading!

K.B. says:
Your ability to describe my family members has truly been a Godsend! Without a doubt, I know that death is not the end. Thank you so much for your very accurate reading.

C.W. says:
Your description of my Grand Father was on the money. You are a very accurate, evidential medium. Thank you

Lisa says:
Your description of my Aunt was uncanny!……Thank you for your ability to bring such joy to others. What you have is truly a gift!

Kim W. says:
Amazing reading!…..You got my Grand Mother’s physical description & sassy personality to a "T"! I also love your ability to get names & other significant points of information. Thanks so much for the excellent reading.

Emily says:
Thank you for the very accurate mini psychic & mediumship readings. This was by far the most accurate information i’ve gotten to date. I love how you provided me with names, a physical description, dates, cause of passing & a song; to prove that my Grand Father is not gone. Your readings not only comfort, but also allay all fears of death!

J.L. says:
It’s amazing that you were able to give me a full description of my father in law, complete with a name to match. Thank you so much 

Billy says:
Thru the blessing of your free & very accurate reading, I know without question there is life after death. I was comforted by the info you brought thru. You nailed it, you really communicated with my grand dad. Thank you

S.P. says:
Just a follow up note to tell you how much I appreciate your generosity & the work you do…..your readings were both very accurate. I love the info to prove my Mom is still here. Also I have taken your advice & now realize I do have visions just as you said! Thank you, thank you, thank you

Z says:
Talk about accurate & evidential, your readings are all that & more. I’m so grateful for all your time & effort. The follow up email with everything typed out was an extra bonus, a record i can keep forever. Thank you

Kim F. says:
Thank you for the free readings…..I applaud your ability to read people & spirits. I was pleasantly surprised with how you read me. But your ability to read for spirit wowed me! Complete description, names, dates, how they passed, occupation & a message. It was almost as if I was actually having a conversation with my cousin again. Your readings brought me so much joy. I can’t thank you enough! 

Marie says:
To begin, thank you for the free readings…..I spoke with my mom & she was able to verify the other pieces of evidence you provided….thank you so much for the most evidential reading i’ve ever received!

M says:
I’m so happy I took you up on the free reading….I got comfort from knowing my grand father & cousin are still here & are able to communicate with you, for me & they are together and well on the other side. You are truly an evidential medium. Thank you

Jill says:
I’ve had readings before, but never have I had one so full of evidence. You are a blessing & a god send. Your work is both healing & soothing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

E.H. says:
thanks so much for the free readings. Your description of my father & account of his life & death was phenomenal. a reading i’ll always remember.

Sherry says:
Great reading, very accurate information. thank you

Pat T. says:
I passed along the info to my mom & she says yes to each bit you provided. Even though i never met my grand father, i find comfort in knowing he’s watching over me from the other side. thank you for bringing joy to our family

Jim says:
Thank you for the wonderful free reading. I felt as though my grand pa was right there with me. What amazing evidence you give

Amy says:
Amazingly accurate & packed with evidence, proof that life goes on!

J.T. says:
WOW!…..with the evidence you give, you pretty much paint the departed back to life with your description of them & their lives…..best reading i ever had. thank you

Angie says:
Awesome description of my cousin, you rock! Thank you :)

B.T. says:
Amazing…..great evidence, all verifiable! Thank you!