Evidential Mediumship Readings


All appointments will be based on Central Standard Time, as I reside in Texas.....Please schedule an appointment listing your first & last name. Then tell me how you would like to receive your reading, Skype, Zoom, phone, email or FB message.

My readings are a combination of Mediumistic, Empathic & some Psychic; with a dash of healing energy thrown in for good measure!

San Antonio, TX]

How to Schedule an Appointment

My Background

Hello I'm Karen Whaley,

I am an Evidential Spirit Medium! Please give my readings a try. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised! My readings tend to be very unique in that, I also have Empathic & Psychic abilities; so I never know what kind of information will come thru! All I ask is that you come with an open heart and mind! 

Karen Whaley

​​Please contact me with questions or concerns​

​My Reading Style

Ever since I can remember, i've had the ability to feel what others feel & the  presence of spirits. As a child I was afraid to walk thru my house at night, because I could feel someone watching me! Since childhood, I have had several encounters with spirits. My strongest clair ability is clairsentience, but I also experience spirits thru clairaudience, clairvoyance & claircognizance.